Ben L. Hall
Candidate for
Public Regulation Commissioner
District 5

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"I am a native New Mexican, graduate of Ruidoso High School, attended college at New Mexico Western in Silver City, NM and recently retired after 40 years as a General Building Contractor.

I am a lifelong conservative Republican. I served two terms as Lincoln County Commissioner and three terms in the N.M. Legislative House of Representatives.

One of the reasons I am seeking the District 5 seat on the Public Regulation Commission is because of my conviction that an elected official from the Governor on down has the obligation to give his or her individual attention to all matters that come before them in their elected office.

At the present time, this is not being done in the P.R.C.  A majority of past and present Commissioners have spent too much time protecting their own interest instead of their public duties.  As your new Commissioner, I intend to spend as much time as necessary to help ensure that the P.R.C. functions as it is supposed to and help bring about public pride and respect to this Commission.

Some of the problems with the elected Commissioners have been self inflicted .  Over the past several years the Commissioners have inadvertently eroded away some of their authority simply by passing certain decision making authorities away to their Chief of Staff or Division Chiefs.  In some cases this authority has never been recovered.  This has lead to many decisions being made without Commission approval or input from these Commissioners.

This is not how the P.R.C. should function.  After proper hearings, elected officials, not bureaucrats, should make or approve any decision that will effect the livelihood of New Mexico Citizens.  This will put accountability back into the P.R.C.  The voters will know to whom they can turn for answers to their concerns.  The P.R.C. Commissioners must control their own house.

I am of the opinion that all rules and regulations in every division of the P.R.C. should be reviewed to determine if they are in the best interest of the citizens of New Mexico.  If changes are necessary I will do all that is my power to see that these changes come about, either within the P.R.C., the New Mexico Legislature or the Attorney General's office.

Every citizen has the right to expect that their interest will be protected by their elected officials.  I intend to uphold that right.

I believe my experience in the business community and as a former elected official of county and State governments qualifies me to be your next Public Regulation Commissioner."

-- Ben Hall,
Candidate for PRC, District 5

Ben's speach at the Grant County Farm Bureau Candidate Forum 2010 was filmed.
Listen to Ben's speech here.

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