Ben L. Hall
Candidate for
Public Regulation Commissioner
District 5

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Ben Hall Answers His Opponents Allegations

"If you were to check the records of many businesses, you would find several of them have had labor and tax problems.  I have never denied that in the late 1980's and early 90's there were Federal and State tax liens filed against me.  However, they were all released quite some time ago.  For general information, these tax liens were more penalty and interest than principal."

"There are many pitfalls in the business world and unless you have been in business it is unlikely that you would understand what circumstances can cause financial problems.  Mr. McCamley would not understand this because he has never been in business, never even had a job in the private sector, never had to pull himself up by his bootstraps and continue with business regardless of some unwarranted circumstances.  In the course of doing business there are contractual and labor disputes, as a result, liens are filed and it is up to a judge to settle."

"In the State of New Mexico, a lien can often be filed without the knowledge of the contractor and then the burden of proof falls back on the contractor to prove or disprove the lien.  If anyone in the contracting business, dealing with sub-contractors and suppliers, says they have never had a contractual or labor dispute, or perhaps filed a lien or had one filed upon them, then they are the shinning exception.  I realize it may seem there were quite a few filed, but when one considers the length of time I was in business, then the number is minimal, and was settled many years ago."

"Lis Penden and Evelyn Simmons are the same; in 1993, I purchased a home owned by a Realtor and I closed the deal using a wrapped Real Estate contract, used a Title Company, and purchased title insurance to protect my interest in the property.  Payments were to be made in Escrow.  I put a substantial down payment and just three months into the purchase a lawyer called stating the property was fifteen months in arrears.  Needless to say, I hired an attorney to fight for my home and fourteen short years later I finally received a clear title.  The situation was this; the attorney I hired is a personal friend and he agreed to forgo his fee until the deed to the home was cleared.  In 2006 after the death of my wife, I went to him and asked him to try again to clear the home, but knowing he had tried several time to clear the title over these fourteen years, I insisted he file a lien to protect his interest.  This is the $25,000 lien, which I paid in full in 2009.  Marshal Peebles vs. Ben Hall -- Mr. Peebles is my ex-son-in-law.  This is still pending."

"I do not owe any taxes or owe any banks for any business dealings at this time and I have never dodged my responsibilities.  I will admit some years were harder than others, but that is the nature of business.  I could have easily filed for protection under Bankruptcy Laws for many of the challenges I faced over the years, but I did not, I chose to continue in business and work my way out of the problems I made for myself."

"Regarding my votes in the Legislature, in six regular sessions and numerous special sessions, over 10,000 bills were introduced.  Out of those bills he can only find three that question my voting record.  I think that is a compliment to me.  Unlike some lawmakers, I actually read the legislation prior to voting.  My opponent should publish the entire bill to the public, not just the title, if he is going to accuse me of conflict of interest.  I never missed a floor vote or a committee vote, never missed a meeting of my interim committees no matter what part of the State they were held.  Given that there are so few issues with my record, what's the big deal?"

Ben Hall

Fact Sheet About My Opponent

"To hear Mr. McCamley talk about his accomplishments as a commissioner of Dona Ana county, one would wonder where the other four commissioners were.  You can bet IF he did accomplish anything it cost the taxpayer."

"Mr. McCamley is 32 years old, still lives at home with his parents, never had a job in the private sector, and does not have a family or business of his own.  If you ask, he has no idea what the real world is all about."

"Reading his resume on his website, I found that not one of his listed accomplishments was done on his own initiative.  He was paid with your tax dollars to go and solicit clients to accept "Free Money", again your tax dollars.  He never says if any of these projects were ever started or completed.  It's an easy job when the taxpayers are footing the bill & telling you what to do."

"Now, as to the big deal about the debate; in order to have a debate there needs to be an issue.  Mr. McCamley has no idea what the real issues are in the P.R.C.  The only way he would know how to deal with them would be to appoint a "Blue Ribbon Committee" at the taxpayers' expense of course, to tell him what to do.  When asked by a member of the Columbus Electric Co-Op, "Why are you running for the P.R.C.?", Mr. McCamley's answer was, "I need a job."

"The only two things Mr. McCamley has proposed are the ethics reform and providing health insurance for everyone in New Mexico.  Let us take these one at a time:  Ethics is defined as 'moral principles, knowing the difference between right and wrong, good or bad.'  One could ask, after observing Mr. McCamley's attempts to change the outcome of this election, does he even know the meaning of the word 'Ethics'?   Apparently, this is one of the issues he would have his "Blue Ribbon Committee" answer for him."

"Mr. McCamley has said that I have been afraid to be at the same meeting with him at the same time; this is false.  We have been to no less than six candidate forums together around this district during this campaign."

Health Insurance:  "While he and I both would like to see everyone with an affordable insurance policy, the P.R.C. is not and cannot be Health Insurance providers.  Mr. McCamley should have run for the legislature instead of the P.R.C. if he wants to change the laws.  Statewide Health Insurance is an expense that only the legislature can appropriate funding for."

"This election to me is very clear, but it is up to the voters.  Do you decide to vote for someone that lives off of government handouts, has no interest in a private sector job or business, and would continue to give away your tax dollars; OR would you choose someone who has worked since he was 12 years old, raised a family, experienced the ups and downs of business, served his community and state free of charge and has never backed off from his responsibilities?"

The choice is yours,
Ben Hall

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